HashHacks 6.0

HashHacks 6.0

What will I do at HashHacks?

One task. One team. 24 hours. Break free of all bounds and develop something exciting. Something innovative. Something which has the ability to create a better world!

Code your way through this 24 hours hackathon where you focus your time, energy, and enthusiasm on building a product or service which can help create change. Because, using good software feels good. But building one feels even better!

What is HashHacks?

HashHacks is CIC's flagship hackathon, conducted under Convoke, CIC's annual Tech Fest. You would be surprised to know that CIC is Delhi University's only engineering college, and it is an amazing place for coders, musicians, researchers, and even photographers! HashHacks and Convoke are being organized after 3 whole pandemic years, and we promise, you won't go back disappointed.

Why should I join?

Join us offline for prizes valued at over Rs. 20 Thousand, free snacks, FREE COFFEE, and unlimited FUN + LEARNING! We hope to see you at CIC, DU's only engineering college!

What about the theme and the mode?

HashHacks will be conducted in a offline mode! HashHacks is also open theme, that is, we will accept a diverse range of projects!

How will the projects be judged?

The projects will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

Innovation: How can someone not think of innovation while building a project in the Cluster Innovation Centre? We will be judging how innovative your project is. Does your project already exist somewhere on the internet? If yes, how is it different from the existing ones? Is it solving a problem more efficiently? Or is it a completely new idea?

Originality: How original is your project idea? We all copy code from the internet, but does your project consist only of copied code?

Social impact: How about helping humankind with your project? Is your project limited to programmers or will it be impacting our society in a positive way? Everyone loves projects which are aimed at social good.

Technicalities: We will obviously be judging your project on how technically great it is. Maybe you created a CI/CD pipeline for your project? Or, binded Rust with Python? Or, used Docker in the deployment process?

Market readiness: We know, it is quite impossible to create a project that is market ready in 24 hours, but, this will earn you extra points! Created a website? DEPLOY IT! An Android application? ADD THE RELEASE APK FILE TO GITHUB RELEASES!

How much did you learn?: Is this your first hackathon and you ended up creating a full stack project with an automated deployment pipeline? Or, is this your nth hackathon and you created a project that you are very familiar with? Learning always pays off, and we don't want beginners to feel intimidated by experienced hackers!

Project guidelines

We all copy code, and it is totally fine to copy someone else's code. But, you must attribute the copied code in the README file of your project. Should you attribute documentation? No. Should you attribute a logic written by someone else as a StackOverflow answer? Yes!

You must maintain a realistic git commit history. We will be going through your commit history to catch any malpractices. Did you commit the complete code in one go? That is very suspicious and we might disqualify your project. You made 100 commits with a really messed up commit history? Now that sounds like a realistic development cycle!

Your project must have a README.md file explaining bits and pieces of your project.

Your project must be open-sourced on GitHub.

Your project must be submitted through Devfolio.



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